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ITAU Animal Feeds Lick Supplements

ITAU Animal Feeds Lick Supplements


Lick Supplements


The Itau Supplement Range supplies the ruminant with essential nutrients that might be in deficit on natural or planted pastures. We aim for better production, reproduction and therefore better profit margins.

At Itau Animal Feeds we strive towards creating a healthy rumen environment for the ideal microbes to multiply to increase digestibility and therefore let all ruminants function to their optimal genetic capabilities. A specific mineral and vitamin pack is added to all our products to address possible micro nutrient and vitamin shortages.

Special attention is given to phosphate inclusion throughout the year as this mineral plays such an important role and is always in deficit in South Africa, throughout the year.



811 Itau Supplement Energy (20%)

  • Beef and sheep
  • Moderate increase in weight or an improvement in milk and/or wool production may be expected
  • High in energy with additional inclusion of phosphates
  • Intake
    Cattle: 1000 - 1500 g/day
    Sheep: 200 - 300 g/day


813 Itau Supplement Production (28%)

  • For beef and sheep grazing on harvested grain fields
  • Start supplying the product at least two weeks in advance before animals are put on the harvested lands 
  • Supply ad lib thereafter
  • Intake
    Cattle: 550 - 800 g/day
    Sheep: 100 - 200 g/day


814 Itau Supplement Late Winter (32%)

  • Use for maintenance in the end of fierce winters
  • This lick supplement will provide in the animal’s nutritional needs when pastures cannot supply adequate anymore, but prior to the use of production and energy licks.
  • This product can also be given to sheep as a maintenance lick.
  • Intake
    Cattle: 450 - 1000 g/day
    Sheep: 80 - 150 g/day


815 Itau Supplement Maintenance (46%)

  • Maintenance supplement for cattle
  • Supply rumen microbes with the needed nutrients to produce at an optimum
  • High in protein, vitamins and minerals, especially phosphates which are always in deficit in South Africa
  • Mix 50:50 with maize meal to get to a maintenance lick for sheep.
  • To mix a maintenance lick for sheep, mix this product in a 50:50 ratio with maize meal.
  • Intakte
    Cattle: 350 - 500 g/day


881 Itau Supplement Concentrate 67

An easy mixable product for the farmer that wishes to mix a supplement with his/her own maize and salt, still supplying in the shortage demand of the animals.


Mixing Instructions


Beef Maintenance

Late Winter

Production /

  kg kg kg kg

Supplement Concentrate 67

650 400 350 200
Salt 350 350 250 150
Maize Meal 0 250 400 650
Total 1000 1000 1000 1000
Composition g/kg g/kg g/kg g/kg
Protein (min) 435 287 265 183
Protein ex NPN (max %) 96.59 90.09 85.38 70.65
Moisture (max) 120 120 120 120
Fibre 0-150 0-150 0-150 0-150
Fat 0-80 0-80 0-80 0-80
Ca 52 24-48 10-24 0-16.5
P (min) 13 12 8 5.6



  • When changing from an NPN-free ration to a ration containing NPN, it is suggested that the two feeds are mixed in a 50/50 ration for 4 to 6 days.
  • Protect this feed agains rain. NPN is very soluble and animals that drink such a solution might be poisoned.
  • Do not feed this feed indiscriminately with other NPN containing farm feeds. Consult an Animal Nutritionist.
  • Vinegar is an effective remedy agains PNP poisoning. Mix with an equal amount of water and dose half a bottle per calf or large sheep or between 2 to 4 bottles per head of cattle (1 bottle = 750ml).


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