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ITAU Animal Feeds Sheep Range

ITAU Animal Feeds Sheep Range




The Itau Sheep Range will ensure that animals produce optimally giving maximum profits. In the feedlot, this range focusses on achieving the lowest possible feed conversion ratio and highest possible dress-out percentage. For the growing sheep, the aim is to optimize physiological development to produce a perfect built and body composition in the end. Itau Animal Feeds are constantly busy doing research to development products to enhance rumen health and biodegradability of nutrients.


Itau Animal Feeds Sheep Range



711 Itau Sheep I13

  • Maintenance ration for sheep
  •  Can be used as a drought feed 
  • Urea-free feed
  • Can be used for adaption purposes in the feedlot

712 Itau Ram, Lamb and Ewe

  • Use to stimulate ewes for mating on natural pastures
  • Increase milk flow in the lactating ewe
  • This feed should always be fed with roughage


Itau Sheep Extreme Range

The flag ship of the Itau Sheep Range focusses on the most economic methods in the finishing of sheep. Perfectly composed and mixed feed will ensure optimal feed conversion.


723 Itau Sheep Extreme Starter

  • Sheep with stomachs filled with roughage should be placed on this product when entering the feedlot
  • Supply the sheep with Itau Sheep Extreme Starter for a week to two weeks until they are fully adapted


725 Itau Sheep Extreme Finisher

  • Dual purpose and wool  types are fed on this ration after a proper adjustment phase
  • Sheep can be slaughtered directly from this feed
  • High inclusion of energy ensure good growth
  • For an easy transition from the adaption phase to the finishing feed, mix the starter pellet (Itau Sheep Extreme Starter) for two days with this pellet in a 50:50 ratio



724 Itau Sheep Extreme Grower

  • Meaty types of sheep are known for faster fat deposition should,  after adaption, be fed this product
  •  Excessive fat deposition is reduced, but the producer should still be on the lookout to prevent penalties at the abattoir


726 Itau Sheep Extreme Weaner

  • Use this product when very light weaners are fed
  • Use after the adaption phase
  •  Feed the product until the lambs weigh at least 35kg.  After this, the sheep can be put on either Itau Sheep Extreme Grower or Finisher
  • Lambs to grow out more effectively before they put on fat
  • This product can also be used as a creep meal for lambs


789 Itau Sheep 33

Itau Sheep 33 is formulated for the farmer that wants to use his/her own maize and roughages to mix a complete ration to finish sheep.



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