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ITAU Animal Feeds Pig Range

ITAU Animal Feeds Pig Range




Itau Animal Feeds’ swine feed range is the leading product on the market. The technology driven range will ensure optimum profitability achieved by sows remaining healthy and reach their production capacity. Growing piglets will reach their desired target weight faster.



Growing Pigs


312 Itau Pig Creep

Supply Itau Pig Creep in creep stalls to suckling pigs while they are still with the sow. Use the product from the age of seven days to about 42 days. Piglets should be weaned at age 28-35 days.

313 Itau Pig Starter

This product can be used from 42 days of age after the creep stage.  Piglets can utilize this product up to approximately 70 days of age where after Itau Pig Grower should be used.


314 Itau Pig Grower

Piglets can be placed on Itau Pig Grower from 70 days of age. Pigs are very often slaughtered from this phase. The product can be used up to 100 - 120 days.


315 Itau Pig Finisher

If the producer produces baconers, this product is supplied from 100 days to slaughter. 



Sows and Boars

Ensuring that piglets achieve optimal health and peak condition, and to ensure that the sow's reproductive capacity is reached, is directly linked to the sow's condition and nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Itau's technological approach exploits the sow's ability to achieve production targets!

Itau seek to increase litter size, optimize litter weight and weaning weight as well as to minimize mortalities. The body condition of the sow at weaning is an important benchmark against which is formulated to achieve quick reconception and ensure the maximum amount farrowing cycles per year.


316 Itau Dry Sow (Sow-and-Boar)

  • Reach production goals in a simple way
  • Ensure optimal development of the foetuses
  • Stimulating ovulation
  • Achieve desired condition score in the different reproduction stadia
  • Specific intakes reduce the risk of embryo deaths
  • Use as follows (depending on sow’s body condition)
    • Wean to service:  3.5kg-4.5kg per sow per day
    • First three weeks of pregnancy:  2-2.2kg per sow per day
    • Thereafter until three weeks before farrowing: 2-3kg per sow per day
    • Thereafter until 5 days before farrowing: Increase Itau Dry Sow by 0.5-1.0kg per sow per day


317 Itau Pig Lactating sow

  • Specially selected  fats and oils to achieve the required energy density in the
  • Increase in litter weight
  • Better uniformity of the litter
  • Better weaning percentages
  • Better immunity in piglets
  • Improved milk production and increased milk fat
  • More efficient use of energy in building body reserves and to use in the production of milk
  • Use as follows
    • Provide the product from 5 days before farrowing at 2.5kg per sow per day
    • On the day of farrowing, supply only 1kg per sow
    • For the following two days after farrowing, supply 2.5kg per sow per day and increase feed supply by 1kg per sow per day.
    • From 5 days after farrowing to weaning, supply Itau Pig Lactating Sow according to the sow's requirements (ad lib).
    • Day of weaning:  Feed sow as normal after piglets are removed.





Ca P
312 Itau Pig Creep 19 1.2 0.35 12 2.5 4 0.8-1.0 0.65

313 Itau Pig Starter

18 1.1 0.4 12 2.5 5 0.75-1.0 0.6
314 Itau Pig Grower 15 0.85 0.3 12 2.5 8 0.6-1.0 0.6
315 Itau Pig Finisher 14 0.7 0.3 12 2.5 8 0.6-1.0 0.45
316 Itau Pig Dry Sow 12 0.5 0.3 12 2.5 8.5 0.75-1.2 0.6
317 Itau Pig Lactating Sow 15 0.75 0.3 12 2.5 8 0.6-1.2 0.6


Replacement sows

After weaning, go on as if it is a piglet you plan to slaughter up to 100kg (24 weeks).  After that go onto 316 Itau Dry sow mash and service on approximately 135kg (30 weeks).


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